Heart Qigong Saskatoon 2015

Minke de Vos

Connecting Mind, Body and Cosmos

with Universal Healing Tao Instructors

Minke de Vos & David Gyurkovics

May 14 - 17 2015

at Ancient Spirals (15 minutes outside of Saskatoon)



Live your life more fully...

Connect your vital energy with your heart to grow love and compassion

Celebrate your Inner Life with the transcending power and joy of spiritual practice!

your bodymind with Meditation, Qigong.

your vital energy balancing through a wide range of postures and movements.


Bone Toning Qigong & Unwinding

Thursday May 14, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Practice Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Iron Shirt Qigong and Wu Wei Qigong to:
• Penetrate chi and sound vibration into your bones to build internal power and rooting.
• Empower your Yoga postures with heightened awareness of our heaven-earth alignment
• Release internal knots with Unwinding, spontaneous movement. Wu Wei means "effortless effort"
• Allow the wisdom of energy to work its magic on you!

Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls, chimes, percussion and other acoustic instruments by David Gyurkovics.


Heart Qigong

Retreat begins 5 pm Friday May 15 and goes to 5 pm Sunday May 17

•Enhance your total wellness with Inner Smile Meditation, Qigong, and Tao Yoga

•Research shows that Qigong improves circulation, blood pressure, fitness and energy level

•Liberate fear and stuck emotions with Healing Sounds

•Build Kidney energy to calm the Heart

•Bring out the happiness of your true being

Some benefits include:
* calms nervous system, strengthens mental focus, opens energy pathways
* balances the emotions and the left and right brain
* tuning into your higher guidance for nourishment, happiness and harmony

Qigong teaches us to stay centred and divinely connected as we move through life.

Tao Energy Basics

We will continue to deepen our practice of chi cultivation with:
• Inner Smile Meditation transforms the emotions through loving acceptance.
• Microcosmic Orbit circulates and generates chithrough major energy pathways.
• Chi Self-Massage stimulates chi and blood circulation to rejuvenate the body.
• Six Healing Sounds releases stress, toxins and imbalanced chi out of the organs.
• Qigong (Chi Kung) directs chi through powerful breathing and flowing gestures.

Credits for Chi Nei Tsang
and Healing Tao
Instructor Certification.
Qigong Credits for Acupuncture students.

Thursday - evening Qigong and Sound Healing

Individual and Group Intention, Grounding

Opening the Flow, Aligning the Form

Empowering your Life with Wisdom Qigong

Daily Schedule
7 am - Meditation & Chi Self Massage
8:45 ~ Breakfast
10 - Dialogue
11 - Tao Yoga and Qigong
12:30 pm ~ Lunch
3 - Heart Qigong
4:30 - Break
5 - Meditation & Healing Sounds
6 ~ Dinner
7:30 - 9 - Bone Breathing & Unwinding, Sound Healing

Thursday evening only: $25, $20 seniors, students, and retreat participants
$425 for Fri eve, Sat. & Sun., including Lodging and Meals, plus GST
$385 for students, seniors and single moms, plus GST
$25 Discount for early registration before April 25

Meals are vegetarian and made with love by Dave Gyurkovics, an expert in cooking for retreats.
We will start the retreat with dinner on Friday and end the retreat before dinner on Sunday.

Bring: yoga mats

Location: Ancient Spirals, Just 15 minutes south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Register with Linda:
home: (306) 652-3878
cell: (306) 281-9736

Please send a cheque to (written to Minke de Vos) to:
Linda Fisher
136 - 7th St. East
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 0W8

Or pay online to Minke's PayPal account: minke@silentground.com

Please send funds by INTERAC etransfer to minkedevos@gmail.com


Minke de Vos  teaches spiritual embodiment at Silent Ground Retreats, and is known as a top teacher of Qigong,  self-healing and Kundalini Development. She has worked along side of Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years. She inspires practitioners of all levels to live with loving presence. Author of "Heart Qigong", CDs & DVDs for home practice.

David Gyurkovics Universal Tao Instructor, has studied and practiced Taoist internal arts for 18 years and has been teaching for 10 years. He is a practitioner of Medical Qigong and Acutonics Sound Healing. He teaches people how to breathe as the basis for healthy living.

"Minke de Vos is one of my favorite teachers in the Taoist Arts. The work she teaches is easy to grasp and, at the same time, one would never reach the limit of its potential. An unappreciated aspect of all healing is whether one has the vitality or simply the energy to heal. At that level, the Taoist work addresses that foundational aspect to connecting with life's source of energy and power." John Tjenos, Therapist

"People do not need experience with meditation or yoga. The Inner Smile will take them gently inside and the Chi Kung will move and loosen their bodyminds and open them to a new energy. I believe that when we cultivate our primal creative energy together we have the potential to create deeper connections with ourselves, our loved ones and our community."
Minke de Vos

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