Feminine Treasures Classes

Tao Yoga for Women's Wellness
with Senior Universal Tao Instructor Minke de Vos

Mondays, 7 - 9 pm
Angel Hands
#201 - 1416 W 8th Ave
(8th and Hemlock)

please RSVP
women only

Cultivate Sexual Energy to Grow Love and Vitality

Treasures for women at all stages of life.
Some of the gems you will learn:

• Breast Self-Massage
• Jade Egg exercises
• Sensual Qigong


• Inner Smile Meditation
• Energy Circulation
• Healing Sounds


upcoming workshops in Vancouver Calgary

Products include Feminine Treasures Playbook and jade eggs.

New Website! For more info and store see femininetreasures.com

some benefits to your life include:
• Awaken your creative energy, passion and multi-orgasmic potential
• Nourish your feminine essence and bring out your radiance
• Deepen your intimate experience and expression of love
• Strengthen your pelvic floor, balance hormones and rejuvenate your body
• Harmonize your emotions and heal your relationship to intimacy and sexuality
• Reduce PMS, menopausal symtoms, menstrual cramps and breast discomfort
• Treat yourself to healing gestures of self love with the support of your “sisters”
• Embody the Divine Feminine in your own unique and beautiful way

Bring: a yoga mat, sarong or skirt, light blanket, and a jade egg (for sale at workshop)
One can also try out the exercises using an imaginary jade egg


upcoming workshops:
Vancouver - Calgary - Saskatoon


“Minke de Vos embodies and shares her subject of Healing Tao with beauty and grace. She is an inspiration to behold, and a joy to learn from.”


Hello Beautiful Ones!

Announcing wonderfully nurturing and uplifting Feminine Treasures sessions!

Have you read "Healing Love through the Tao", Cultivating Female Sexual Energy or the "Multi-Orgasmic Couple"? These are like reading a cookbook but eating the juicy meal is another dimension!

Through the ancient Taoist practices we will tap into or "Fountain of Youth" and raise this rejuvenating energy to heal the body and soul and illuminate the spirit.

Sexual energy plays a very important role in our healing process.
The more we open to love, the more we feel the energy run through our subtle body.
If we do not use our sexual energy well it can turn on you, creating frustration and health problems.
If we become aware of our sexual essence we can transform it into creativity.

Many leave their jade egg in the drawer, now you can get it out for an empowering workout!
Get feedback on your "internal strength".
Breast Massage, Ovarian Breathing and Jade Egg exercises are fun to practice.
Chi Self Massage is your best cosmetic!
Channel the generated power to grow the virtues.
Build a reserve of energy in your bones to sustain what you want to do.

These practices have an excellent track record for helping with difficulties around menstruation, hot flashes, incontinence and cancer prevention.
Balance your hormones and build pelvic floor strength.
Pulling up energy inside counter-acts the "Sag and Spread" syndrome!
Women before and after menopause benefit. Stay really healthy as you get older.

Reviving your sensual sensitivity sends ripples out into your relationships.....

Learning from an experienced teacher with a supportive "group cauldron" we can brew up some bliss and bring lightness into your step!


Embrace your divine qualities!
Grow your ability to love!
Polish you inner beauty and outer radiance!


Feminine Treasures Classes
Wednesdays 7:30 - 9:30 pm
women only

@Wednesday class at:
Angel Hands
Integrative Centre

#201 - 1416 W 8th Ave
(8th and Hemlock)

8 week series, Oct. 26 – Dec. 14 *
Wednesday nights, 7:30 – 9:30 pm
$240, plus GST
$35 drop in
Please pay for the series in advance with etransfer or paypal to minkedevos@gmail.com

register: foreverunfolding@gmail.com

Come to boost your energy and feel alive!


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