Heart Chi Kung

Open the Heart of the Tao, the Way of Natural Healing

Are you ready for a change of heart? Open your heart to new possibilities for yourself through the contemplation of fundamental questions – questions which penetrate the core of life.

What is on your heart? Do you have conflicting “voices” that disturb your “Heart Mind”? How does an individual come to peace with her/his Self? During the Heart Chi Kung Retreat, you will learn how to deal gracefully with the challenges of life. Discover what your heart longs for as well as what nourishes your heart.

Relationships, heartbreaks and separations have a serious effect on human health. All of us are worthy of respectful communication and honor. It is essential to learn how to communicate with the heart of others. If we become involved in distractions to avoid a problem, the problem will often grow in the shadows. Slow down when you are not feeling well or your relationships are on the rocks. Give yourself the space to contemplate, heal and restore your energy.

I experienced the major stresses in life all at once, divorce, the collapse of my life’s work and my health.  It was a challenge and what kept me going was unconditional love. The Inner Smile never left me. I was close to death’s door and experienced the total rebuilding of my health. My practice of meditation and Chi Kung helped me to restore my body back after a heart transplant. I have experienced profound healing on all levels through my practice. It is miraculous what energy medicine can do in preventing illness and supporting the life-saving skills of Western medicine.

The spiritual qualities of acceptance, compassion and gratitude have the potential to heal rifts of the soul. What are three blessings that you cherish right now? What do you “hear” when you listen to your heart? We go into our heart to sense the truth. Awaken inspiration by connecting your creative energy with your own higher wisdom. Empower your higher purpose with clear intentions.

In our heart center there is a place where we are always free. Even if we are in prison, we can still be free in our hearts to believe in what we want. When you follow your heart, life flows with synchronicity. You may recall circumstances when you followed your heart and things worked out very well.

Medical Chi Kung is an ancient form of Chinese Energetic Medicine, dating back at least 5000 years.  It is one of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chi Kung practitioners today utilize and master the secret knowledge passed down from the “Wu Yi, Qigong meta-physician healers” of ancient times. The practices have been time-tested for longevity and improving the quality of your life.

Cultivate health by respecting our body’s wisdom and flowing with the different seasons of our lives. Chi Kung is beneficial for people of all ages and enhances youthful aging. The Qigong Institute  has a database of some 3,500 studies "reporting qigong's positive effects on hypertension, arthritis and longevity." I encourage people to develop a kinder, more compassionate relationship with themselves and those around them. You will become aware of new ways to relate to your body, heart and mind. Both beginners and professionals will benefit from these powerful tools for self-transformation.

When you point to your self where do you point to? Most of us will point to our heart and not the head. The ancients called the heart the ‘Palace of the Spirit’. When our Heart Spirit is happy, it is natural to spontaneously smile. Our real nature is happiness. Happiness is central to every ones’ sense of well being. Chi Kung practice offers you ways to connect with your natural happiness, restore your energy and enhance your health. You will learn at this retreat the following effective ways to cultivate wellness and connect with the vast, wise Universal Heart:

The Inner Smile centers and calms the heart. How can you keep your heart open to all the ups and downs of life? The practice of loving acceptance is essential to keeping centered in these times of accelerated change. The Inner Smile meditation is a way to make friends with the spiritual and physical intelligence of your vital organs, from which your emotions arise. Feel how your body smiles back! Even your chemistry will change and become more balanced.

Growing Virtue Energy we empower whatever reality you want to co-create and boost whatever path you are on. The cultivation of compassion and wisdom makes your life more meaningful. When you connect with your higher guidance through meditation your life becomes inter-dimensional. We weave this high quality energy through our microcosmic energy channels to generate more light. Our heart becomes radiant and loving. We become a lighthouse that withstands the storms. We will practice the Inner Smile in the Creation Cycle, the order of the seasons, to grow more virtue energy. What you focus on you grow. When we live the virtues they grow.

Breath as the Flywheel - The heart is constantly beating, 100,000 times per day, propelling six quarts of blood through 60,000 miles of veins, 20 times the distance across the US from coast to coast. Abdominal breathing mobilizes the circulation so the heart does not have to work so hard. Chi Kung is Oriental Breath Therapy.

Chi Breathing brings energy to the heart. Do you want more energy to live your life to the fullest? We urgently need to grow our healing energy to bring more peace, love and harmony to this world. The key to healing is the conscious breathing of “chi”, the life force that nourishes us. We can breathe consciously and unconsciously, so breath is the bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind. The seat of our consciousness sits in the Heart. “Listen to your heart, Follow your heart, Be true to your self.” There are so many expressions that point to the heart as the Palace of the Spirit. Let your heart breathe freely and set your self free.

Communicate with your Heart and you will communicate with your whole body. The Heart is the Emperor that rules the whole body and communicates with every cell. When the emperor is not happy, the whole kingdom is not happy. When the emperor is feeling good, you feel good. The heart is the conductor of your internal orchestra and is central to creating a harmonious state of being.

Sexual Energy Cultivation fuels the fire of love. Sexuality is a lifelong vital part health and longevity. How can we grow and radiate love? Sexual vitality is the rejuvenating life force and the force behind creative change. It is a very important source of energy that flows through us and keeps us strong.  Consciously cultivating of our sexual energy, our innate vitality and deeper life essence, is very healing for the body. We tap into the fountain of youth, our basic rejuvenating life force. The more love, the more orgasmic our experiences become. Feeling orgasmic increases our cardiovascular strength.

Yin Essence is a healing elixir. Dr. Stephen Chang writes, “When the yin energy increases, negative ions are generated. Together these stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in decreased blood pressure, slower heartbeat and breathing.”

When we mix the yin essence of  sexual energy into our saliva we produce a “long-life wine”.

Self Love - To be loved, to love and to be free are essential gestures for feeling happy. Healing starts with self-love. Passion is transformed into compassion through spiritual practice.

Stress Management is crucial in keeping the heart healthy. Heart disease is the number one killer. How can we manage stress in a way that protects our heart? At this Healing Tao Heart Chi Kung Retreat you will learn many tools to deal with stress by building a stronger mind-heart-body connection. The physical training through integrated movement becomes a gateway to the spiritual.

Emotional Transformation is felt by the heart, which perceives our emotions.  I have added the Healing Sounds to the traditional form of “Balance the Heart Chi Kung” to enhance the emotional transformation. For example, the Triple Warmer Sound is used to cool down excess heat and calm the mind and heart. We will also ground and recharge with tree hugging. The trees help to neutralize our negativity and nourish our soul.

Calm the Blood, Calm the Ego - The practices are designed to balance fire and water, calming the heart with water and warming the kidneys with fire. This prevents the heart from being “cooked” by “false fire”, and over-stimulated by adrenalin, external stimulants, and stress. Make the blood peaceful. When the ego, which works through the muscles, aligns with the higher good there is less personal tension. The ego relaxes. The seat of the ego is in the physical heart. When we feel separate from the world it creates a subtle contraction in the heart. When we connect with the vast Universal Heart, the Love that binds all beings, our heart expands. Our heart is the seat of consciousness, compassion and unconditional love.

Negative Emotions, like impatience and hatred, contract the heart. The heart is an organ of perception, which perceives the feelings arising from the other organs. The heart is considered a pump but when they bypass the heart the blood moves faster. It regulates the blood to perceive the feelings in the blood. When we feel angry our face turns red and our hands clench into fists. There is a lot of energy but it hits resistance and there is closure in the heart. This contraction can be harmful for the heart, and creates damaging cholesterol. On the other hand, appropriate anger is the first line of defense, which protects our heart.

Love brings out the best in us. When we smile with love and appreciation to someone, that person feels good and will work better. When we smile to our heart and shine love to our other organs it brings out the virtues and balances any excess negativity that may be held there. The heart is like the sun, which brings out the beauty of nature. Have you noticed that more people are smiling on a sunny day? The heart thrives on love. Married people tend to live longer lives. Divorce or the death of a loved one can become a medical emergency. Creating a loving atmosphere in the family and community plays an important role in our health. Chi Kung is a way to express that loving connection through our body movement. This gesture ripples out into our relationships.

Compassion - The heart is the center of compassion. We grow compassion by integrating the virtues of all the vital organs. The compassion becomes balanced and has integrity, strength, gentleness, fairness, respect, and kindness. Chi Kung empowers you to manifest compassion in your actions.

Polarization and Balance - As we age coldness sinks and heat rises, causing imbalances. Excess heat in the upper body will create heart problems and mental agitation. Excess coldness in the lower body will create poor digestive fire and stiff joints. We can balance the fire and water by breathing the warmth of the chest down to warm the kidneys, and breathe up the cool calm energy of the kidneys to calm the heart. This is very important to make the heart calm and the kidneys warm. When the mind is calm and cool and the feet are warm, we can sleep deeper. The Triple Warmer Sound is an excellent practice before sleeping to clear the day and let go. When the mind is full of thoughts, the heart is too excited and the feet are cold, it is very hard to sleep well.


Laughing makes the heart jolly

*Laughing plays a big role in creating a happy heart. Laughing is one of the most contagious conditions! It vibrates joy and lightness throughout the body and uplifts the spirit. It is so powerful that it has been shown to cure cancer by releasing stagnant suppressed emotions, which can cause cancer.

*Laughter is very good for us. It can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. It gives a boost to the immune system, boosting T-cells to fight infections, Gamma-interferon proteins to fight disease and B-cells, antibodies that destroy disease.

*Laughing releases endorphins, natural painkillers. Have you ever laughed a bit when you stubbed your toe? Laughing in times of trouble makes a shift in consciousness and puts our life in a bigger perspective. We see the hidden blessings in our challenges. You develop the control to shift your emotions into a mood of acceptance.

*We need to have faith that we can heal ourselves. Genuine laughter shows our faith in the Divine and our ability to let go and be positive.

*The practice of Laughing Chi Kung does not require stimulation from outside, just simply laugh! Wiggle your arms and legs in the air and laugh like a baby!

Healthy Diet and supplements to support your heart and body will be discussed. Tonics for the kidneys, like Goji berries, are available for purchase. Slowing down to chew your food well will make the body more alkaline. A retreat is a great opportunity to break habits and learn more healthy habits.

Daily Practice keeps a thread going. You will be given indications on how to incorporate these practices throughout your day. As you experience the daily schedule you will feel good and get into a rhythm. It is will give you the momentum to continue at home. See Daily Retreat Schedule below.

I am passionate about showing you how to use Chi Kung and meditation to protect your vitality, empower self-healing, and awaken spiritual presence and purpose. The Tao is an integral way to embody your spirit and live in harmony with nature, your true nature. I invite you to be true to your heart and come to peace.


The Practices

Step into the Chi Kung Door.

Open your Heart to the mysteries of love and life

Practice these short sequences of energy-directing exercise for restorative and health promoting benefits. The Heart Chi Kung practices span from gentle, inner gestures, like the Gratitude Prayer and to more challenging workouts for cardio strength, like Chi Kung Walking. There are specific practices to improve blood pressure, circulation, fitness and energy level. The course will include:

Gratitude Prayer – This translation of an ancient invocation expresses our appreciation for all those who support our life. This moving prayer connects us consciously with heaven, earth and the human plane.

Humbly I thank my many teachers,

And all those who help me cultivate my life and realize my immortality.

May the Universal Spirit return to my body and soul,

Magic light penetrate my energy fields,

Make my organs transparent, very healthy!

Three Fires Meditation – Awaken your inner fire, burn up selfishness and generate more love.

Tao Yoga for Circulation – Breathing is the fly-wheel for your energy. Make the heart rhythms more coherent. Kidney breathing charges up our internal batteries. Whole body movements increase chi and blood circulation.

Balance Fire & Water Chi Kung – Release excess heat from the heart. Calm the heart with kidney energy. Warm the kidneys with heart energy.

Great Heart Breathing – Connect your personal heart with the vast Universal Heart.

Blood Cleansing Breath – Purify the blood with intention breath and color visualization.

Compassionate Heart Chi Kung – Embrace the suffering within you and around you by channeling it into the earth and transform it into compassionate, healing energy. Connect your heart center with all six directions, North, South, East, West, Heaven and Earth.

Chi Kung Walk - This practice improves chi and blood circulation, moves the diaphragm and detoxifies. Gather chi from nature as you walk.

Tree Hugging – Embrace a tree and circulate the energy through you for energizing, grounding and longevity.



Balancing the Heart Chi Kung - 8 posture form

“Expanding the Heart, Balancing the Blood” is an ancient form which I learned from Sam Masich. By adding the Healing Sounds I found the soul healing is enhanced. It is a holistic approach to health enhancement.

*It involves some cardiovascular work, by moving in deep stances and big arm movements.

*This form is prescribed for any heart and blood condition, including: high or low blood pressure.

*The main benefit from its regular practice is the increase in energy level. Low energy is a common condition of those recovering from heart surgery.

*This form is most beneficial when practiced in the middle of the day, at the high point of the heart’s cycle, 11 am – 1 pm, the most yang time of the day. The chi circulation is in the heart meridian at this time.

*South in the best direction to face at the start. Visualize the pinkish red glow of a sunrise or sunset.

*The best time of the year for maximum results is May to tonify the liver, the mother of the heart, before the heat of the summer.

*Those with high blood pressure should follow their exercise with Lung Chi Kung to cool the fire energy of the blood.

“Balance the Heart Chi Kung” includes 8 dynamic forms:

1. Rooster greets the Dawn

- Expands the heart with joy and connects with nature. Stretches the pericardium meridian.

2. White Ape offers Fruit

 -Cultivates generosity. Stretches the heart and small intestine meridians.

3. Elephant winds its Trunk
Opens the heart, pericardium and lung meridians. Pumps more energy through the meridian system. Closes with some great laughing!

4. Oriole folds its Wings
Shakes loose and stretches open the meridians, particularly the heart and pericardium.
5. Rub Face and Ears
This Acu-Facial/ Self massage reinforces the meridians which support the heart. Stimulates the ears, the openings of the kidneys, and the reflex zones of the whole body.

6. Strike Arms and Legs

- Knocks out toxins, stagnation and water retention.

7. Willow Tree sinks Twisted Roots

-Releases anger and frustration, which can aggravate the heart.

8. Steps Ascending

- Brushes down the chest and back to calm the heart and warm the kidneys.

Cool down - Lung Sound, “SSSS” and Triple Warmer Sound, “HEEEE”.

Centering – Circulate the energy in the Microcosmic Orbit and collect at the navel.


Daily Retreat Schedule

The schedule is balanced with energizing and restorative practices, theory and sharing.

8 – 9 am - Chi Kung Walk around a beautiful mountain-view track. We stop to blow out stale chi into the trees and gather nature chi. Half way we practice Compassionate Heart Chi Kung and connect with the six directions.

We end by stretching, shaking and circulating the “Good Vibrations” through our bodies.

10 – 11:40 pm - Inner Smile Mediation, Chi Self-Massage give loving attention and tender touch to the whole body.

12 – 1 pm - Balancing the Heart Chi Kung (8 movements), Blood Cleansing Breath and Great Heart Breathing are practiced outside.

4 – 5:40 pm – Tao Yoga Breathing in conductive postures on the floor is relaxing and energizing. The subtle movements integrate awareness of the heart beat and breathing. Bone Breathing is done with the feet up on the wall to improve blood circulation. Kidney Breathing in Child Pose recharges our batteries.

6 – 6:30 pm – Healing Love Breathing moves sexual energy through the Microcosmic Orbit and other channels to build sexual vitality.

6:30 – 7 pm – Six Healing Sounds release excess negativity and reprogram the organ’s natural virtue energy.

Celebration - The last evening we chant and dance! Come celebrate the joy of being alive!

Minke de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor is the Director of Silent Ground Retreats. She offers training to professionals, including therapists, educators, artists and lay people.  Her sessions focus on how to effectively care for themselves and others by drawing on the ancient disciplines and evolving innovations.

She has devoted herself to the practices of meditation, movement and healing for over 20 years, working as a colleague with masters such as Mantak Chia since 1983. She has a wide range of skills designed to unleash the energy and spirit of her students. Skills which have enabled her to establish an international reputation as a top teacher of chi kung, self-healing and women's sexuality. Practitioners of all levels benefit from her creative teaching style, with its focus on living a vital, loving and passionate life.

Minke's remarkable recovery from a major life crisis taught her first hand the sure effectiveness of these practices. Be sure to read her full story of her “new heart – new start” Healing my Heart

“Healthy Heart, Healthy Sex” Retreat

Balance and expand your mind, heart and body

- taught by Minke de Vos, Senior Instructor.

July 10 – 15, 2009, Heavenly Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

See www.healingdao.com

This retreat is designed to open your Inner Heart to the Way of Natural Healing. Support the health of your whole mind-heart-body with meditation, qigong and sexual energy transformation. Grow love in your life! Sexuality is a lifelong, vital part of health and longevity. The movements stretch and stimulate the organ meridians, particularly the heart, kidneys and lungs. Liberate stuck emotions with Healing Sounds. Strengthen your Cardio with Chi Kung Walking. Research shows that Qigong improves blood circulation, blood pressure, fitness and energy level. Practice meditation, movement and breathing to prevent illness, protect your vitality, empower self-healing, and awaken spiritual presence. Both beginners and professionals will benefit from these powerful tools for self-transformation. This course is for anyone who wishes to heal their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual heart.

Heart Chi Kung DVD

For your follow-up practice “Heart Chi Kung”, a 2 hour DVD set, is available.

Thanks to Mantak Chia, Shoyu Liang, Sam Masich, and Gary Kaiser.

Introduction by Mantak Chia.

Videography by Ronnie Novak at Cat’s Eye Video

Music, “Mountain Gate” by Solala Towler www.abodetao.com

$40 CAD

contact us to order


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