Healing Love's Preventative Power
Creative Tips for Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

We all probably know someone who has dealt with a life challenging condition like breast cancer. How can we prevent it? The Healing Tao offers excellent ways to increase our healing power such as the Inner Smile and the Healing Love practices. Unconditional love powerfully transforms our lives and ripples out to the world around us. Allowing soulful relationships to
warm your heart plays the biggest role in longevity.

This is a gentle reminder to take the time to nurture yourself on all levels, to bring more joy into your life, and prevent possible pain and suffering arising from negligence.

Before beginning your sexual energy practice, or any practice for that matter, affirm your highest purpose for cultivating sexual energy in the personal star above your crown. If your motivation is pure, upholding wisdom, love and compassion, personally and globally, the transformation power is amplified. This will noticeably raise your internal power.

Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it is very important to transform any excessive "negative" emotions into virtues. The breasts are like melting pots for the virtue energies of the organs. To bring out the healing qualities of the vital organs’ energy, their character can be brought out in this massage technique. Expand the heart's love in the breasts with warm outward spiralling motions. When you cup the breasts and shake them, you can vibrate the spleen's openness and nurturing qualities in. Breathe the lung's strength into the breasts by cupping the breasts and moving them in big circles. Stroke the gentleness of the kidneys around the base of the breasts, ribcage and sternum. Generate the kindness of the liver with rolling, kneading circles around the breasts. Massage around the breasts, circling up the inside and down the outside, like a fountain rising from the Jade Fountain and the earth. Then reverse the direction, stroking down the inside, like a shower of light from the heavens. Smile and draw down the heavenly energy with an ethereal massage, barely touching the skin. Mix the virtues into compassion. Rest hands over the breasts and radiate love, peace and acceptance to your self.

Breast massage is a pleasurable way to improve chi circulation and break up stagnation, which can form into cancer. Using massage oil, with aromatic essential oils for promoting hormonal balance, makes it more attractive to practice regularly. Clary Sage, Geranium, Fennel and Ylang Ylang, are oils that nurture the breasts and sexual energy specifically. Regular practice is
a way of early detection. Massage makes the body feel loved, which releases the growth and anti-aging hormones.
Since stagnation of the liver can rise up and settle in the breasts, Medical Chi Kung uses the liver sound during the breast massage. Cradling the breasts while singing "SHANG," they resonate with loving-kindness. Swing with the tone F, the archetypal tone for the heart chakra.

Musical tones make healthy cells radiant. Unstable cancer cells can explode with sound frequencies. The consciousness in the human voice can powerfully disorganize a cancer cell in about 9 minutes, (see research by Fabien Maman).
When we allow the chi to move us, a natural grace comes out. Play music, which moves you and allow your creative juices to flow! Smile and breathe into it. Let every cell vibrate and dance with joy! High quality music can uplift the soul and channel sexual energy into liberating experiences.

Tight bras can restrict the circulation in the breast area, compress the tissues, and are linked with breast cancer. I suggest to women to remove the under wires in bras. Just make a small hole on the side and pull the wire out. Metal also disturbs the chi flow.

The jade egg exercise, with a real or imaginary weight, can be beneficial for activating strong and vital hormones. One playful way of using the jade egg is the Tug of Love. Pull up with the strength of the Thrusting channels, organs and glands, while pulling the egg's string in different directions. Deeply penetrate the rejuvenating sexual energy by humming a warm, smiling, merging "MMM" -- the sound we make when we taste something delicious! Be rhythmical and playful.

Walking meditation can be another way of cultivating sexual energy. The Wheel of Fire and Water is a slow walking meditation that balances the sexual energy with the love energy of the heart. Lifting the foot, raise the sexual water up to the heart, allowing passion to fuel compassion in the heart. Chant "CHOO" with the inhalation, like drawing up a straw. Automatically pump up the sexual waters by turning Water Wheels (down the front and up the back) in the ovaries, kidneys and breasts (upper kidneys). Carrying the foot, heart's flower blossoms. Placing the foot, love flows into action. Bring the fire down to warm the stove in the lower Tan Tien. Blow down the fire with "HAW". Its warm wind will accelerate the whirling motion of the Water Wheels like fans or windmills. The arms indicate this movement; scooping up the back, palms facing up, opening through the chest, and coming down the front, palms facing down. Development of compassion is our best protection and a gift to the universe. This balancing practice calms the "False Fire" of overdoing in the heart. As we “chill” we can perceive our feelings more clearly. It burns up "Heavy Water" of sluggish stagnation in the lower body and kindles initiative.
Ovarian Compression builds warm potency and stokes the digestive fire. The increased chi pressure prevents sluggish elimination, which is a major cause of ill health.

Filling the kidneys with earth energy during menstruation feels supportive and eases lower back discomfort. The overflow of kidney energy will flow into the bones. Bone Breathing activates the production of red and white blood cells and helps prevent osteoporosis. Store the sexual energy in the bones and build a reserve of energy. Explore different positions, which facilitate the channelling of cosmic forces into the bones. Be still and absorb them. Find stability and security in your bone structure. If Healing Love practice gets you too energized to fall asleep, Bone Breathing will settle you down.

Circulating steamy sexual energy in the Microcosmic Orbit and other energy channels powerfully cultivates the life body and the psychic centers. It awakens the power of spiritual perception. It creates a sense of wholeness. When we feel content internally we are less prone to hunger for external stimulation, which can be harmful for our body-minds.
How can our diet support our practice? A healthy, balanced diet prevents excess toxins, fat and estrogen from building up. Meat and dairy products can have steroids, which can throw off the hormones. It is quite an art to balance the cleansing and tonifying aspects of food.

Beauty energizes us. Allow the beauty of nature to caress and nurture your senses. Appreciate your unique beauty, and it will glow and grow from within.

Coming to peace with our self emotionally, mentally and spiritually is the key for prevention and health enhancement. This natural self-confidence will reverberate into more harmonious relationships.

Let us support and encourage each other to be creative with our Healing Love practice! Explore the practices without fascinated attachment, by witnessing with a neutral center amidst their dynamic dance. Enjoy these expressions of love and care for our selves.

by Minke de Vos

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