Tao Alchemy Summer Retreat at Johnson's Landing in Kootenays, BC

July 23 - August 5, 2016

Practice Tao Yoga, Qigong and Meditation
for an amazing awakening and rejuvenating experience.
*Give yourself time to deeply explore your inner life.
*Connect and absorb nature’s splendor and pure energy.
*Learn tools to get your personal Energy Body tuned up
so you can vibrate with the Source.

Accelerate your growth!




Two progressive 6 day retreats


The Tao of Healing Love

Fusion of the Five Elements
Tao Basics or Healing Love

Sat. July 23 - Fri. July 29

Sat. July 30 - Fri. Aug. 5

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About the Retreat

*We will delve into the full spectrum of self-transformation,
embracing Sexual, Emotional and Spiritual Alchemy.

*When we consciously live our undivided, radiant presence,
we open our hearts and minds to infinite, spontaneous possibilities.
This alleviates suffering and brings fulfillment to our life purpose.

*When we devote ourselves to the cultivation of goodness, truth and beauty, when we love our Being with acceptance, we begin to accelerate on the Way. Then meditative practice and subtle energy movement becomes natural and graceful.

*When our primordial spirit returns to our body and soul
we can come back to our natural state any moment of our life.

*To support awakening our healing and inspiring light, we will engage in Meditation, Yogic Breathing, Tao Yoga, Qigong and Dialogue.

*Since silence nurtures our inner peace and self-inquiry,
periods of social silence will be respected during selected periods.

*Groups are intimate, max. 12 students, to allow for individual, quality attention.

In silent ground of being,
trees grow, water rushes,
light smiles, I am.


              Minke at Dorje Ling, Cortes Island

In this retreat we will explore and deepen these practices:

The Tao of
Healing Love

*Awaken the internal flows of our subtle bodies.
*Learn healing and rejuvenating exercises to generate and sustain your energy.
*Tao Basics includes the Inner Smile Meditation, Microcosmic Orbit, Chi Self Massage,
6 Healing Sounds, and grounding Qigong..
*These practices are the basis of our daily practice throughout the retreat.

*Sexual energy cultivation for men and women, singles and couples.
*Learn how to grow love and spirit power by uplifting and transforming your sexual energy.
*Expand your multi-orgasmic potential, health,and longevity.
*Heighten intimacy by exchanging, circulating and harmonizing subtle energies.
*Qigong for opening the heart and grounding love into action.

Fusion of the Five Elements
*Transform imbalanced “weather conditions” and emotional “negativity”
optimal conditions for your soul to grow in.
*Balance the spirits of the five vital organs.
*Learn the internal foundations of Oriental Medicine.
*Five Element Qigong and Tai Chi Chi Kung.

*Use neutral force and creative intention to “fuse” high soul qualities into compassion.
*Open the “Extraordinary Vessels” for energetic protection and refinement.
7 am Meditation & Chi Self Massage
8:45 Breakfast
10 Dialogue
11 Tao Yoga & Yogic Breathing

12:30 pm Lunch
3 Qigong
4:30 Break
5 Meditation & Healing Love

6 Dinner

7:30 Bone Breathing & Unwinding
9 Healing Sounds




Minke de Vos is a Senior Universal Tao Instructor, certified by Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia. As Director of Silent Ground Retreats she has devoted over 30 years to practicing meditative, healing and movement arts. She draws inspiration from a broad base of disciplines, including Dance, Eurythmy and Acupressure. Following a series of Kundalini awakenings, her encounter with Taoist teachings confirmed the universality of her experience. Practioners of all levels benefit from her creative teaching style, with its focus on living a vital, loving and passionate life.
David Gyurkovics _ Universal Healing Tao David Gyurkovics, Universal Tao Instructor, has 20 years of training and practice in Taoist practices with Silent Ground Retreats. He is a practitioner of Acutonics, Taoist Internal Organ Massage and student of Japanese Acupuncture. He emphasizes breathwork as a basis for healthy living.


Massage Therapists may be available to give you high quality bodywork.


Comments from previous participants...

“The treasure that is Silent Ground, created with love, tenderness and mindfulness - And transmitted to the students in the air and rocks and tress and halls, in word and in deed. The teacher, Minke, whose beauty and inner light is a beacon.”
Shulamit, www.soulsongs.com

"In the past few years I have experienced different types of spiritual retreats. This one was a true silent journey into the body, into the soul. Personality had put aside and was not getting in the way for truths to rise above. The insights I had while we were doing the work had changed my life. (It's big words and I stand behind them.) I was able to connect to my heart and to other parts of my body and "see" clearly what it is that hinders me. I have now more tools to curve through my path, to bring more light and wholeness, more of the true self alive. Although it's hard work, Minke was beautifully containing and showering us with joy and ease, keeping us with curious excitement all the time and making hard things look easy and possible.
This is a gift.”

Tsofia, dancer

"At Silent Ground, Minke has created an enchanted place of personal magic where people can relax into their true nature and tap into deep sources of creative energy. Minke is an inspiring teacher whose gentle and dedicated approach leads to great trust and love. Her amazing voice and versatile imagination has created extraordinary guided meditations in the Taoist practices. After four weeks of Chi Kung, Tao Yoga, breathwork, and guided meditations, I feel profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated."
Sukumar, writer

"This workshop has changed my life. Minke has brought to my life a whole new world of energy.
My partner and I are going to continue this work for the rest of our lives."

Participant at Hollyhock




Accommodations & Meals
Meals are healthy, creative, delicious and vegetarian.
Rooms are mostly shared and there are tent platforms availalble for campers.
Please bring your own towels and bedding. If you are coming from afar we will arrange this for you.

Travel, Arrival and Departure
Dates include arrival and departure days, arriving at 5 pm on Saturday and leaving Friday morning. Please arrive by 4 pm to get settled in. We start with Qigong at 5 pm.
Our closing will end around 11 am.
Please let us know if you can offer or need a ride.

Travel Info



1 week $690  
2 weeks $1290  
Deposit $400 per week
$90 discount for paying deposit before July 1  

register for course:


Saturday dinner through Friday breakfast:
approx. $90 per day, depending on your booking.
The bookings are first come, first serve.

Choose from:
5 cabins, 4 bedrooms in the Lodge, 2 Tree houses,
2 tipi's, a 7 bed dormitory and 2 campsites.


Booking Accomodation:
Email: info@johnsonslandingretreat.bc.ca


Prices in CAD,
plus 5% GST (tax)

Payment by cheque (Canadian or equivalent in USD, Euro or pounds), cash, money orders or credit card cheques.

Paypal, please send funds to minkedevos@gmail.com
We will consider deferred payment plans and a sliding scale, if the fees are an obstacle for your training.

Cancellation Policy
A refund is available less a $50 processing fee, until July 20.
No refund is available thereafter but credit can be applied to another retreat.
If the course is cancelled for any reason, you will receive a full refund.


Please write us briefly about your background and motivation for the retreat.
Registration Form

To reserve your place please send a deposit of $400 (or equivalent US dollars)..

Please write cheques to “Silent Ground” and send to:

Minke de Vos
#12 - 1601 Comox St
Vancouver, BC
V6G 1P4

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Kootanay Lake
Kootenay Lake viewed from Johnson's Landing Retreat Centre  
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