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Tao are meditative tools designed to evoke in the practicer the living reality of all beings; to make sacred even common acts of life, like eating, working, making love and breathing. Tao are ways to alleviate suffering from illusory separation, blessed ways to allow more conscious connection with our greater Whole..









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Senior Universal Tao Instructors

About twenty years ago, in intensive retreat, Minke de Vos and Christer Ekstrom experienced profound Kundalini awakenings. The force, magnitude, and insight of the arousals triggered a transformational process. Their spontaneous revelations of our subtle and universal nature is affirming of ancient and perennial wisdom. Discovering the internal research of Taoists in the form of the recently evolved Universal Tao System has allowed these gifted individuals to guide others into greater well-being, clarity and freedom.


Minke de Vos  Inner Alchemy Instructor, B.F.A., has studied and worked professionally for over 22 years in body/mind disciplines including dance, Feldenkrais, Shiatsu, Acupressure and diet. She received her four year Eurythmy diploma in 1982 from the Nurnberg Eurythmy School in Germany.
She is presently living and teaching in Vancouver. For a more detailed biography.

Minke tells her account of her Dark Room Kan & Li retreat at Tao Garden, Thailand.
See article Light in the Darkness, Visionary Alchemy.




David Gyurkovics



David Gyurkovics Universal Tao Instructor, has studied and practiced Taoist internal arts for 12 years. He is a practitioner of Medical Qigong and Acutonics Sound Healing. He teaches people how to breathe as the basis for healthy living.



"Over the last eighteen years, what has impressed me most about Christer Ekstrom and Minke de Vos is the dedication and intensity of their practice. Their substantial experience in the beginning to advanced practices is a valuable asset to the Universal Tao. The high quality of their teaching is noticeable in their students. I strongly recommend their Universal Tao retreats."   Master Mantak Chia -Taoist Master


developing silent ground
Over the past 20 years this lifestyle for holistic learning has been developing. With every year the vision of this centre manifests with higher standards and more ecologically integrated facilties. It has been miraculous how the funding and help comes as it is needed. Your contribution in any way, towards the funding of this centre, is warmly appreciated. This centre hopes to serve people who come to be nourished, loved and dis-endarkened. It is encouraging that many young peole are getting an early start on their path. A blessing it would be if their enthusiasm would be met with scholarships!


Sleeping accommodations are semi-private or private. No facilities for children or animals.
Facilities are simply tasteful, with beautiful views of the forest and ocean.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send notice of confirmation and travel information. We can help you arrange for a water taxi or seaplane. Dates include arrival and departure days, arriving usually at 4 - 5 p.m., and leaving 9 - 10 a.m.
Please let us know if you can offer a ride or need a ride.

Details on travel and what to bring
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1601 Comox Street, Suite #12
Vancouver, BC,
Canada, V6G 1P4

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May the core of the Tao center you in continuous calm.

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