Minke de Vos is co-creator of Silent Ground, a Learning Centre for developing the art of living, attuned with the Universal Tao or Way.

Since childhood, she has been sensitive to the life force within her body and in nature. Her focus during school years and university was Fine Arts, drawing, painting, theatre, music and dance. Two of the dance performances she choreographed were explorations of the Five Elements, which expressed energetic, emotional transformation and regeneration. Her movement studies included modern, folk and improvisational dance. Psychophysical work, Feldenkrais and dance therapy became an on-going study of the intimate connection and liberation of body, energy and mind. Her interest in holistic health deepened by working with Shiatsu, Acupressure and diet.

Meeting Eurythmy, an art of movement of speech and music, founded by Rudolf Steiner, was love at first sight. The truth in these beautiful inherent gestures rang true in her soul. It was a refined way for her to move with the etheric/energy flows of cosmic forces. She graduated after a four-year study in Nuremberg, Germany.

In 1979 she joined Christer Ekstrom for intensive retreats in the Swiss Alps. Spontaneous Kundalini currents stirred within her. Later she recognized some of her experiences in esoteric Taoist texts. They embarked on an intensive, on-going retreat together on an island in British Columbia. During her partnerís dramatic Kundalini crisis they met Master Mantak Chia in 1983. They learned the evolving Universal Tao system, which gave a conscious map of their unfoldment and effective tools to facilitate others in their paths.

They have been practicing and teaching this system, along with their creative breath, voice and movement work.

Minkeís uplifting presence radiates joy and loving kindness. Her calm enthusiasm for the practices is contagious in person and through her recordings.


Christer Ekstrom is co-creator of Silent Ground, a Learning Centre for developing a meditative, meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

As a child in Sweden he learned the gesture of meditation through fishing, attentively looking into the deep lake. As a young adult he pursued painting and woodworking of fine antiques. These skills later manifested in the beautiful architecture found at Silent Ground.

In the late sixties he had a conversion experience, which opened his mind to the boundless nature of his essential being. He studied yoga and other esoteric disciplines and philosophies. At the Goetheanum, Switzerland, he studied for nine years the investigative spiritual work of Rudolf Steiner. He studied Eurythmy, the art of moving the inherent gestures of poetic and musical sound. He worked as a Therapeutic Eurythmist in a home for handicapped people for four years.† He also had effective results with Speech and Singing Therapy. His holidays were spent in meditation retreats, later joined by his future partner, Minke de Vos.

They moved to Canada and intensively practised Zen full time. The powerful arousal of Kundalini made him seek out help. He met Master Mantak Chia, whose Universal Tao system affirmed his internal process of the awakening life force in the psychic channels and centers. The Kan & Li, internal alchemy process, kicked off spontaneously and continues to work in mysterious and wonderful ways. Deep breathwork has been central to his transformation.

His interest lies in the Tantric path of becoming stabilized in the enlightening non-dual state. His teaching style is dynamic and stirs profound inner questioning. His compassion kindles motivation to practice internal arts with passion, conviction and determination. He shares what he loves to practise. His recent creative developments,† Soundflows, music and frequencies for meditation, and Yogic Breathing programs (used with light and sound machines or CDs) are ingeniously designed to enhance the chi flow in the listener.